HR Board

 The Hunters Ridge Village Community Association Board (HRVCA) is responsible for:

• Adopting a budget
•Maintaining the common areas, which include, but are not limited to, the Village entrances, ponds and the pool area
•Billing and collection of assessment fees used to fund the Association. Each property owner is responsible for payment of these assessments, which are due on July 1st and are considered delinquent after July 31st. Statements are mailed to property owners in mid-May. Please note that failure to pay in a timely fashion may result in a lien placed on your property as provided for in the terms of Article IV, Section 1 in the Declaration of Covenants.
•Enforcing deed restrictions and architectural guidelines.

 HRVCA Board Members
Jeanette Kelley- Papp
President, KSA Rep.Pool Chair, YOM
Bob Markeloff
Vice President, Park Chair, KPA
Lisa Jasper
Paula Andrews
Secretary, ACC/Deeds/Restrictions Chair
Albert Capistran
Landscape Chair
Laura Mattison
Security Liaison, KSA Safety Rep
Jeany Azbill
Yard of the Month Chair, Special Projects


Pool Chairman
Community Relations Liaison